Hurrah! The Festival Has Begun!

Music. Food. Fun.

Yum! Food to Eat!

Blue Valley Bistro

Expresso drinks, coffee

BossHawgs BBQ

Hand pulled pork, slow smoked beef brisket, slaw, macaroni salad

Dogs Gone Coastal

Gourmet hot dogs

JL Concessions

Hamburgers, Philly cheesesteak sandwich, elephant ears, curly fries

Lowell High School Football Team

Soft serve vanilla ice cream, blackberry cobbler

Oregon Smoke Shack

Baby back ribs, smoked oyster, smoked salmon, BBQ chicken

Paradise Shaved Ice

Flavored frozen shaved ice

The Piglet

Teriyaki chicken & noodles, fish & chips, loaded nachos, pulled pork, fries, taco salad, hog burger, chicken sandwich, cotton candy

Blackberry Jam

Pick up some blackberry jam at the BBJ information booth.